Kayak Olowalu Turtle Garden

West Maui’s Best Snorkeling

Experience snorkeling in Olowalu Turtle Gardens and find (with your guide’s help) the famed “Turtle Cleaning Station“. Located in on Maui’s southwest side of Mauna Ka Halawai or West Maui Mountains, Olowalu is sunny almost year round but can also be very windy.

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    7 AM – 10AM

  • Group Kayak Tour

    $89 Per Person

  • Private Kayak Tour

    $149 Per Person
    (2 guest min.)

  • Maui Tour Details

    Whale Watching
    (Dec to Apr only)

Trip Advisor ReviewHis knowledge of the fish and reefs in Olowalu was outstanding. He was very safety minded and pointed out beautiful things to look at while paddling. He took great pictures of us in and out of the water. Would highly recommend going with Maui Kayak if you’re interested in kayaking and snorkeling.

Leighton L.

Trip Advisor ReviewNeither my wife, nor I had been kayaking before and these guides helped make it a great experience. The visibility for snorkeling was very good, and we were fortunate to see quite a few turtles and the turtle cleaning station; also learned a new term ‘turtle cleaning station’. Again, thank you, this experience was well worth the time during our vacation.

Josh & Jen - Chino Hills, California

Yelp ReviewAll I can say is this should cost a lot more… We went kayaking and snorkeling for about 3 hours with Peter as our guide and and he’s so knowledgeable and respectful of the ocean and the wildlife. We saw turtles, indigenous fish and had a blast. Next time I come back to Maui I’m looking these guys up for another adventure!

Kevin G. - Scottsdale, AZ


West Maui Below Olowalu Valley

Olowalu Snorkeling Tour

Kayaking & Snorkeling In Turtle Gardens

Olowalu is a garden of coral stretching for miles along the coastline.  This area can be windy at times but is consistently sunny and offers some of the best snorkeling in Maui. A certain location that your guide knows, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles congregate to be cleaned by tropical reef fish.  Although there are many areas to pull off the road to snorkel around “mile marker 14”, as this area is also known, there is only one major “Turtle Cleaning Station” at Olowalu and our guides know exactly where it is located.

turtle olowalu

What’s a Turtle Cleaning Station?

A turtle cleaning station is a section of the reef that the turtles congregate to allow fish to clean the algae off their shells and flippers. Tangs, Sturgeons, Wrasse and other fish hang out at this specific area waiting for turtles to pull up to have their shells cleaned. Think of it as the Car Wash of the underwater reef world. Sometimes we see a dozen or more turtles at one time at the turtle cleaning station, but turtle will come and the go the entire time your snorkeling.

West Maui Olowalu Reef

Certified Guide & Photographer

Let our Certified Marine Naturalist Kayak Guides take you to explore the vivid reef of Olowalu which some say is the largest and healthiest reef system on Maui. Researchers say these “kapuna corals” have been growing there for over 500 years!!!

Included in your tour is digital Photography.  It’s included free (a $40 value) so you can focus on enjoying exploring this underwater garden and have the pictures to prove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Good Spot For First Time Paddlers?

The winds make this location challenging, however everyday is different so make sure and ask which tour and location is best for your group and the current weather that week.

Will we see Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles?

There is a very good chance you will see more than one.  We can’t say that we see them 100% of the time but we can’t remember the last time we didn’t find turtles in the garden.

Can we buy photos or pay extra for a photographer?

No, because photos FREE.   Digital photography is included on your tour so you can enjoy the experience and not worry about recording it.   Your photos are shared with you the same day, so you can share the adventure with your friends and family.

Photographer & Certified Marine Naturalist Guide

Education & Free Photography Included. A $40+ value!

Hawaiian Eco Tourism Certified

Your guide is a Certified Marine Naturalist.  In their good hands you will explore the reef safely and confidently.  Find Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles or a variety of other tropical fish and marine life that your guide knows a bit about.   They help interpret what you are seeing so you can further appreciate it value and uniqueness.

Kayak Olowalu Whale Watching

Olowalu Whale Fluke Single Kayak

Birthing Humpback Whales

Olowalu is one of the best places on Maui to go whale watching on kayaks.  The only place better is Makena Turtle Town, Olowalu is a secluded area half way to Lahaina where pregnant humpback whale mothers come to give birth.  The combination of the warm waters and being the most sheltered area between all the islands, makes it an ideal nursery.

Olowalu Kayak Whale Group

Whale Watching On Kayak

Located below Olowalu Valley this area sometimes gets windy but our professional kayak guides will monitor the weather insuring a safe and fun paddle out to see these incredible marine mammals.  There is NO Better way to view Humpback Whales!  It’s the most personal and eco-friendly way to say hello.

Makena Whale Kayak Tour

Free Whale Tour Photos

You watch and enjoy this up-close, beautiful experience.  Your Marine Certified Naturalist Guide will capture the day’s sights (like whales), your reaction, underwater explorations and staged group photos too.  This $40-$60 photo service comes included FREE of charge with your tour.  We’ll take you on a grand expedition of Olowalu Turtle Garden, to see turtles, whales and so much more.

Olowalu Instagram feed

Secluded and sunny location teeming with aquatic life and turtles galore!

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